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Pico Union Housing Corporation

PUHC was born out of neighborhood residents ongoing socio-economic struggles. Since 1965 PUHC has aspired to meet local needs by providing facilities and social services that enrich our community.

PUHC has been a recognized community economic development organization for over 35 years. One hundred percent of the housing in the 885 units of affordable housing we presently own and operate serves low- and very low-income families. By reducing welfare assistance and unemployment rates as well as decreasing school dropout rates, we assist our constituents in creating and generating wealth. We prepare youth to enter the workforce through high-demand jobs which pay a living wage. Creating entrepreneurial opportunities for youth and adults strengthens economic growth in our multi-racial, predominantly-Latino community.

Our mission at Pico Union Housing Corporation is to develop and preserve affordable housing. PUHC emphasizes home ownership, the establishment of effective community organizations and facilities, and the creation of economic development strategies that benefit low-income residents and preserve our rich cultural heritage and built environment.

As an organization firmly rooted in the needs of the community, we see preservation as a powerful community development tool. It instills a sense of neighborhood pride while valuing residents contributions.